Edison Picture Gallery - Then and Now (1910-2006)

The Picture Gallery below contains both old and new depictions of Edison, summer home of  The Scumblers. Formerly known as Bridge Point (Bridgepoint), on the Neshaminy Creek in eastern Pennsylvania, the town welcomed Philadelphians to Bucks County.



The Shack, Edison, Bucks County, PA.

The wooden superstructure of the shack is no more.

Scumblers and their friends at the Shack, 1910.

This is one of the earliest photos of the Shack. It measures only 2.25" x 3.25". Ellis A. Oliver, 38, holds his second son, Andrew Breese.

Inside the Shack.

Winfield Scott Bardsley (1867-1949) sits by the fireplace.

The Scumblers.

Standing: Wm. A. Hofstetter (far left), Clive Clevenger (2nd from right in straw hat). Sitting: Winfleld S. Bardsley (far left), Ellis A. Oliver (far right). Crouching: Louis R. Dougherty, showing inside of hat to camera.

The Shack today.

Chuck Rudy, who lives near the Shack in Bridge Point Park, photographed the Shack in April 2004.


The Shack and Moore's Grist Mill.

The remains of the Shack, on the left, and the Grist Mill refurbished by Dr. Samuel Moore in the 1800s. Photograph by Chuck Rudy.

John Ransey Conner (1869-1952) - Non-oil mix, titled "Edison PA," 7 1/4" x 11 1/4".

The view is towards the Shack from an island in the Neshaminy creek. The Shack is dead center, the white part still remains. The 3-storey building behind the Shack is the Grist Mill. The building to the right with a center-gabled roof is the old General Store.

The second, tall white building on the left is the Oliver's summer rental house. The low building in front is a stable. Moore's barn is directly above the red part of the Shack. To the far right of the picture is a trolley car about to cross the bridge. (Sketch property of Chuck Rudy; photo by Pook & Pook.)

Sarah Blakeslee (1912-2005). "View of Neshaminy at Edison," ca. 1935. Blakeslee began study at PAFA in 1931.

The house, high center right, with the red roof is the back of the Bridgepoint School. The buildings in the foreground are at the Quarry. The black roof in the upper left is the barn in Chuck Rudy's backyard. Neshaminy Creek is pictured on the right. (Painting from "Charles Boehm Collection.")

The Neshaminy Creek.

The creek is the focus of wide-ranging efforts of conservation and water quality control.

Edison Bridge.

An early photograph of the Edison Bridge. The seven arches of the bridge were inspired by Roman examples, and it was considered an important feature of the locality.


Edison Bridge postcard.

The Scumblers' Shack is clearly seen above the central arch.

Visitors to Edison arrived by trolley from Willow Grove.

It took about two hours for folks to travel from center city Philadelphia using trolleys of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company.

The Turks Head Tavern, Edison.

The tavern, owned by Max Smith, provided lodging and meals for the Scumblers and other visitors to Edison (Judith Smith, "Community Portrait: Edison," Bucks County Panorama, Jan. 1962, p. 12).

The tollhouse, August 1925.

This building with the sign reading, "Stop. Pay Toll," has disappeared. Edison, formerly Bridge Point, is situated near a popular crossing of Neshaminy Creek. The residents of Edison could cross the bridge whenever they wanted, but none could go north to Doylestown without paying the toll.

This is a watercolor of the house at Edison.

Ellis A. Oliver painted this watercolor of the house he rented summers for the family. In the background meanders Neshaminy Creek.


Watercolor of the house at Edison.

Ellis Oliver painted this house that served the family, Scumblers and their friends as a popular place for picnics and socializing.

The house near the Shack in 2004.

The house was rented ca. 1905-1925 by the Ellis Oliver Family as the summer getaway from Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Chuck Rudy made the digital photograph.

The Edison house from a different perspective.

Some of the original windows have been replaced or removed.

The Edison house.

The house photographed from the side away from the road.

A general view of Edison in early spring 2004.


This is the former schoolhouse in Bridge Point.

The artist, Jos. G. Willman, commemorated the building's former use by painting a classroom scene on the exterior of the building.

Painting by Jos. G. Willman.

The colors and lettering of the painting, exposed to wind and weather, have been enhanced electronically.



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