[Birch Trees by Frances Oliver]

"Birch Trees near Water" by Frances Oliver. Pastel, ca. 8.5 x 10 in.

Frances Oliver


Philadelphia Artist
and Musician

[Frances: close-up]


Close-up of Frances wearing the pearls given by her father.


Pastel, before 1937, by Ellis A. Oliver, her father, sometime student of William H. Pyle, illustrator.

[Frances at Sea]

Frances at sea.

[Family photo]

Frances, at far right beside Kathryn Mahr Oliver, her mother.  Her brother, Herb; his wife, Ann; and their first child, John H., are also pictured on the left of the garden bench (3311 Walnut St., Phila., 1938).


Read about Ellis Augustus Oliver (1872-1937), her devoted father, portrait-painter and frequent photographer. A brief Web article surveys his career as a commercial artist in Philadelphia with notes about his family, friends and contemporaries. E. A. Oliver was a member of "The Scumblers," a group of Philadelphia artists who spent summers at the dawn of the 20th century at Edison, Bucks County, PA.



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